Temporary Storage Warehouses

Temporary Storage Warehouse of DALK LLC in Orel, area of Kursk customs activity 

DALK LLC TSW (Certificate 10111/100016) Warehouse square – 1,550 sq. m. Available storage place is 2,849.64 cub. m. Open site – 589.6 sq. m. Available open site square is 464.64 sq. m. Warehouse adjacent territory – 9,513.4 sq. m.

DALK LLC TSW is an open-type warehouse, located at the address: 105, Razdolnaya str., Orel, 302025. Terminal location, comfortable access ensure free cargo delivery. There are the following access routes: auto road – distance from federal highway “Moscow-Crimea-2 E-95” – 3 km; railway road – distance from railway station “Stalnoy Kon” MRR RF – 2 km. The warehouse allows to locate up to five railroad carriages in the area of customs control and over 30 vehicles in the open guarded territory of TSW. TSW possesses crane lifting equipment for moving all types of cargos, radiation control system “Yantar-2SN”, stationary X-ray TV unit FEP ME 975 located in a heated room. TWS possesses a guarded territory equipped for parking of vehicles transporting goods during the time necessary to finish internal customs transit.

DALK LLC is performing constant monitoring of service market condition. Our prices are competitive and medium in the market of temporary storage and customs clearance of goods and vehicles. The company possesses an opportunity to offer a customer reasonable prices depending upon the cargo turnover dynamics, goods range, necessary warehouse square, special storage conditions and other parameters.

We always solve any issues that can arise in the course of your cargo customs clearance in a fast and efficient manner. We are sure that our solutions related to the customs clearance will help you to minimize time and financial expenditures.

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