Transportation of oversized and hazardous cargo

Transportation of oversized cargos by road are required for the following types of cargo:

  • outsize agricultural equipment;
  • heavyweight road-building equipment;
  • outsize tanks (cisterns);
  • long pipes or large diameter pipes, etc.

Oversized cargo comprises the following:

  • set of requirements for vehicles;
  • traffic capacity;
  • transportation vehicle limits;
  • cargo safety.

The order of issuing special permissions for oversized cargo transportation is set by a document called “The order of issuing a special permission for moving a vehicle performing transportation of heavyweight and (or) oversized cargos along the roads” (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (MinTrans of Russia) dated July 24, 2012, No. 258, Moscow).

Acceptance, loading, unloading, transportation and storage of hazardous cargos is performed with the compliance of special safety measures specified in “Instructions for hazardous cargos transportation” and in “Rules and instructions for the order of transportation, safeguard and freight forwarding of explosive and poisonous agents”.

After hazardous cargo identification the following information elements appear:

  • UNO number of hazardous cargo;
  • proper hazardous cargo shipping name;
  • class, types of additional danger of hazardous cargo;
  • group of hazardous cargo packing (not for all hazardous cargos);
  • numbers of danger signs templates;
  • classification code (not for all hazardous cargos).

The company accepts hazardous cargos up to the 9 class of danger.

Our company performs hazardous cargo transportation in 4 ways:

  1. air transportation of hazardous cargos;
  2. road transportation of hazardous cargos;
  3. railway transportation of hazardous cargos;
  4. sea transportation of hazardous cargos.

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