Consolidation and transportation of consolidated cargo

DALK LLC offers its customers ready to make expert solutions in the sphere of joint cargo transportation.

Cargos with a weight starting from 1 kilo are accepted for transportation, and main advantage ensured by joint cargo transportation is significant money saving. Consolidation in warehouses eliminates freight forwarding losses of sender’s time and resources, as well as reduces total transportation term.

We make internal and international transportation of joint cargos by road transport as well as by other transport means from any point on the world map. Cooperation with us means fast and efficient transportation because we are focused on the high level of customer service.

We are ready to perform the transportation of joint cargos all over the territory of the Russian Federation. Joint cargo transportation is performed with the consideration of customs rules form the countries of Europe, the USA, China. The company performs all customs clearance procedures on the route of your cargo transportation.

We offer you:

  • insurance under special rates and for necessary risks only * receival at the sender’s warehouse;
  • transportation of joint
  • cargos on door-to-door basis * packing/additional packing;
  • full list of handling operations;
  • regular traffic along various directions;
  • delivery to network points/superstores;
  • service of storing joint cargos at our warehouses.

We are always ready to discuss the customer’s needs and to offer design option so as to choose efficient logistic solution.

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