Our company offers a full complex of services on customs clearance of the goods and vehicles.


  • Customs clearing.
  • Declaring.
  • The application of a customs mode.
  • Registration of all client documentation.
  • Delivery of the goods in the designation.
  • Check of reliability of documents.
  • Transportation, loading, unloading, overload, correction of the damaged packing of the goods, and also manufacture of other cargo operations necessary for customs registration.
  • Calculation and payment of customs payments in time.
  • Definition of customs cost.
  • Maintenance veterinary, fytosanitory, ecological and other kinds of the state control.
  • A Full Complex of Terminal Services:

  • Storage of goods before and after customs clearance.
  • Loading and unloading operations.
  • Open site and parking lot.
  • Guarded territory.
  • Rail and motor road access.
  • Discounts (up to 20 %).

    Besides the field of activity of Dalk is:

  • Transport-forwarding services.
  • The international container and multimodal transportations of cargoes.
  • Delivery of goods inside Russia by all means of transportation.
  • Insurance of cargoes.
  • Consulting.
  • Expert review of foreign trade contracts.
  • Optimization of the logistics chain.
  • Certification services.
  • Legal advice on customs clearance.
  • Dear clients, our company gives to you an opportunity to pay by customs card. The customs card is new and very effective tool of the organization of foreign trade activities. Any client can make calculations by plastic card , that considerably reduce terms of customs clearance.

    The customs card is made out addressed to the customs broker, is nominal and cannot be transferred to third side. Dalk has enough wide experience of work with a customs card. Our company use customs card in all branches of our company.

    Currently address this page is http://dalk.ru//print/services.htm